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Food Dryer
Efficient, rugged and hygienic to use Food Dryers are available for dehydrating the food with speed and quality.  

Butter Churner Machine
Easy to use and maintain Butter Churner Machines are available for enhancing the churning speed and quality with minimum investment. 

Ghee Clarifier Machine
For efficiently clarifying ghee with unmatched quality and speed with little investment, these Ghee Clarifier Machines are the best options! 


Plastic Machines allow producers to generate less expensive but more functional metal parts.While compared to metal machinery, the overall cost of manufacturing when employing plastic machines is minimal. They may be used to make pipes, rods, pipes, and curtain tracks. They are used to make gas cans, and lids.


Extruder shapes diverse materials to produce a wide range of useable products. It is just the machine that is used to finish the extrusion process. The machine warms up the product and drives it through the die to form the correct shape using a series of barrels and cylinders.


Woven Sack Extruder is designed to generate high-quality tape lines for a variety of applications. Extrusion coating is the continuous application of a thin polyethylene film to a non-plastic packaging substrate such as paper, paperboard, metal foil, polymeric film substrate, or even a non-woven fabric.


Yarn Making turn materials like cotton into yarn or thread. This device is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and long lasting durability. After-sales service warranties are greater for high-production tiny cotton yarn producing machines. This is very effective and safe to use.


Film Plant is widely used for manufacturing films. Our films are used for long shelf life packaging of edible oils, frozen food packaging, meat packaging, vacuum packaging, barrier thermoformable film for trays, cups, and lids, and other uses are available. This is easy to install and simple to use.


Recycling Plant uses shredding is used to package plastic, metal, and paper for processing, whereas pulping is used to turn paper goods into a slurry that may be recycled into paper. This conservation decreases the need to grow logging and mining enterprises. This is safe process and widely appreciated.


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